MANifesto Radio hosted by Adam M Lamb

Host Adam M Lamb explores the motivations and guiding principles of thought leaders, activists, mentors and focus driven high performers from around the world to ask the simple question, "Tell me one thing that you stand for?"

These days it's not enough to know what you stand for; where the rubber meets the road is how you're living your stand in the world. Listen in for inspiration, motivation, and illumination from some of the most interesting men and women living out loud today.

What's Your MANifesto?

MANifesto Radio with Adam M Lamb

New Episodes

Barry Selby | How Do YOU Love?
Episode 3  Barry Selby is author, speaker and relationship attraction expert. He is a passionate champion for the divine feminine.[...]
Wayne Levine | How Do I Hold on to My Nuts?
Episode 2 | How Do I Hold on to My NUTS? Wayne M. Levine, M.A. is the director of BetterMen[...]
Adam M Lamb | Why?
Episode 1 | Why?0:50 - â€œFriendship may be the best antidote for the alienation that is the inevitable result of corporate[...]
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