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Wayne Levine | How Do I Hold on to My Nuts?

Wayne Levine on MANifesto Radio

Episode 2 | How Do I Hold on to My NUTS?Wayne M. Levine, M.A. is the director of BetterMen Coaching in Agoura Hills, CA (est. 2001) where he coaches men to be the best men, fathers, husbands and leaders they can be. He also facilitates men’s groups and created the BetterMen Retreats for men. Over […]

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6 months ago

Adam M Lamb | Why?

Adam M Lamb on MANifesto Radio

Episode 1 | Why?0:50 – “Friendship may be the best antidote for the alienation that is the inevitable result of corporate and professional styles of life” – Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly 01:28  – Male Suicide: No stats, just Anthony Bourdain 03:08 – Why MANifesto Radio? 04:53 – What Triggered It? 05:26 – What do I hope to achieve? 10:01 – […]

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